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Post Office-Topping Condos To Be Named The Sorting House

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Developer Cadence Property Group has named its condo project at 320 West 52nd Street in Hell's Kitchen The Sorting House in reference (we guess?) to the fact that it will sit on top of the Radio City Post Office, where mail is sorted, and not because when you enter the building it tells you what kind of wizard you are a la the similarly named plot device from Harry Potter. The building's teaser website launched today, too, with promises of listings for the 30 (not 44, as previously reported) apartments to come. The units will range in size from one-bedrooms (for Hufflepuffs) to 1,455-square-foot three-bedrooms (for Gryffindors), with Architecture Outfit designing both the interiors and exterior. Presumably the apartments will be accessed by giving a password to a talking portrait.

Building amenities will include rooftop terraces, a fitness center, a bike
garage, doorman, and storage rooms. Sales are expected to launch in late summer.
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