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Zig-Zag Condos Head for Brooklyn's 'Canyon of Mediocrity'

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Developer Boaz Gilad and his firm Brookland Capital are responsible for a staggering number of new buildings in Brooklyn. And here comes renderings for yet another one, which is larger and glassier than the rest. Gilad snapped up a bunch of lots at the corner of 15th Street and Fourth Avenue last summer, and now YIMBY has the reveal for the balconied 38-unit condo building that will replace a supermarket and two petite houses in that southern swath of Park Slope.

The glassy tower sits atop a 5,000-square-foot retail base with two commercial spaces. Staggered balconies and a setback beginning at the eighth floor help break up the building's mass, and the varying blocks of windows add a bit of flair. Apartments will begin on the second floor, which will have three units, followed by four each on the fourth through seventh floors, two on the ninth and tenth floors, and then an eleventh-story penthouse. Amenities will include a gym in the cellar, storage, and an 870-square-foot terrace on the second floor.

Given all the new development that's underway or planned for Fourth Avenue, is this one could to help or hinder its rep as a "canyon of mediocrity"?
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