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By the Numbers: Cheapest and Priciest Places to Rent in NYC

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As it is wont to do every month, rental listings site Zumper returns to the number-crunching ring with a new report (warning: PDF!) that on what median rental prices for one-bedrooms and two-bedrooms totaled across 58 different New York City neighborhoods. And for the month of April, the most expensive place to rent is... NoMad, the new development-heavy area north of Madison Square Park, where a 1BR costs a princely $4,490/month.

Following NoMad, you've got the Flatiron District, Noho, (inexplicably) Koreatown, Chelsea, Greenwich Village, Dumbo, and then Gramercy Park and West Village.

This would be a good time to note that Zumper bases these reports off of the listings posted on their site, which capture a subset of New York City's vast rental market. (Click the chart below to see it bigger.)

As for the cheapest neighborhoods to rent in for April, Zumper's figures reckon you should check out Rego Park, Forest Hills, and Bayside in Queens, as well as Brighton Beach and Crown Heights in Brooklyn. The latter, No. 58 out of 58 on the list, clocked in a one-bedroom median of $1,800/month.

Take comfort, though, in the fact that overall, San Francisco remains more expensive to rent in than NYC.

San Francisco's median one-bedroom is $3,460, while New York's is $3,100, followed by a whole host of other Californian locales.

Below, see how rent in New York City neighborhoods stack up against neighborhoods across the country.

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