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More Condos Likely Coming to Schermerhorn Street in DoBro

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A vacant lot on Schermerhorn Street in Downtown Brooklyn is up for grabs, and of course it is being marketed as just the perfect place for a new batch of condos. Located at the corner of Hoyt Street, the development site can hold a 75,000-square-foot, 140-foot tall residential building. Developer Nicholas Cammarato bought the site two years ago, and according to Crain's, he's looking to sell it for about $30 million, nearly double the price he paid. There are a bunch of other new developments nearby, so whoever snaps it up will be in good company.

Downtown Brooklyn is booming with new apartment buildings—some 14,000 new units are in the pipeline—but most of these are rentals, but the condos that have debuted sold quickly, so there's clearly demand to be had.
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