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For $14,000, Rent the Most 'Brooklyn' Townhouse Imaginable

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Brooklyn townhouses typically bring to mind those prewar beauties with historic details—molding, chandeliers, fireplaces, et cetera. But not this four-bedroom specimen in East Williamsburg, which its ridiculous brokerbabble calls a "celebration of tactile sensation." Renting for $13,995/month, it's a bastion of animal-print rugs, beamed ceilings, exposed brick, modern light fixtures of the trendy-bar variety, and "locally sourced rustic hardwood floors." Of course, there's some reclaimed wood thrown in there as well, for shelving in the sleek black-and-white kitchen. And a typewriter in the master bedroom. (For inspiration, please see its neighbor, the "Urban Cowboy" bed and breakfast.) The house, first spotted by 6sqft, also has a garden and two terraces, but it's probably too cool to put them in the listing photos.

· 296 Manhattan Avenue [Dixon Leasing via StreetEasy]
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