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Broken Angel Creator Seems to Still Think He Can Get It Back

The Times ran a story today about the late Broken Angel house, formerly one of Clinton Hill's most iconic structures, now a rectangle of luxury condominiums. It's definitely a good read if you aren't fully caught up on the saga of the house, which was built by artist Arthur Wood and his wife Cynthia starting in 1979, declared unsafe after a 2006 fire, and lost to one developer after a messy entanglement with another developer a few years later. Towards the end of the article is a sad addendum to the story, where Wood reveals that he still seems to think he's going to be able to get the property back through litigation. "I told [new owner] Alex [Barnett], 'Don't put too much work into it, because I still have a chance of getting the building back,'" he tells the Times, despite the fact that the structure he built is long gone, and eight of the ten condos that replaced it are currently in contract.

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