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New Midtown Condo Tower of Glassy, Askew Boxes, Revealed!

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Euro Properties has officially demolished a four-story building on 59th Street between Lexington and Park avenues to build a 38-story condo tower with just 29 apartments.

While discussing the project's status as the first building to be entirely developed (rather than co-developed or financed) but a Chinese firm, the Times has the first look at the entire facade (click for big). (We'd seen interior renderings before, as well as a hazy silhouette behind the Euro Properties' founder but this is first honest-to-goodness look at what will rise at 118 East 59th. Singaporean architect Soo Chan, who may be better known for his High Line project with "neo-tropical" individual private pools, is responsible for the "facade that recalls the pressed-down buttons on an old-fashioned tape recorder, with sections that are beveled, at slight angles." Each apartment will be at least one floor, most will have two bedrooms, and about half will have Central Park views.

Euro Properties also told the Times that the foundation will get poured next months and sales will launch in September, and that amenities will include a gym, "treatment rooms for massages and a lounge with outdoor gardens." Asking prices—of perennial interest, of course—"will be consistent with ultraluxury developments in the area." Let's hope that means the many other Midtown East projects and not, well, 432 Park Avenue.

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118 East 59th Street

118 East 59th Street, New York, NY