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How Reality Star Lo Bosworth Overhauled Her NYC Apartment

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Known for her roles on Laguna Beach and The Hills, fashion & beauty blogger Lo Bosworth (who is also the health and wellness editor at large for our sister site Racked) moved to New York City three years ago. She then schleped through five different apartments in that time period. She settled on a place with some quintessential New York-style exposed brick. Back in February, she posted a video of her apartment upon move-in (above), furnished sparsely and (she admitted) pretty messily. "This is real life over here," she said in the video. "Not everything is always perfect-looking." Then this week, Refinery 29 came out with a video showing the transformed place after Bosworth teamed up with interior designer Justin DiPiero. "There was Ikea furniture everywhere," he said, "and not really a great sense of layout." So the kitchen and bedroom got a complete redo, and, needless to say, many more pieces of furniture and carefully chosen, eclectic tchotchkes fill the airy, stylish apartment.

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