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Surprise, Surprise: Most New Yorkers Have Lousy Commutes

[Via Young Sok Yun 윤영석/Curbed Photo Pool]

The NYU Furman Center's epic new report —The State of New York City's Housing and Neighborhoods in 2014—is still being pored over by the data hounds, but The Post has parsed out some of interesting tidbits about New Yorkers' insane commutes. The conclusion: the best way to cut down on your commute time is to move to a wealthier neighborhood, of course!

According to the report, the West Village and the Financial District have on average the shortest commutes in the city at 24.5 minutes per trip, followed closely by Chelsea and Hell's Kitchen at 25.1 minutes, and Stuy Town and Turtle Bay at 26.3 minutes. The longest commutes, on the other hand, hail from Queens, with Jamaica clocking in at 47.6 minutes and the Rockaways at 46.9 minutes.

That difference in time (less than a minute) is significant, considering Jamaica's relative proximity to Manhattan compared to the Rockaways, but Sarah Kaufman of the NYU Rudin Center for Transportation argues that this could be attributed to the fact that many Jamaica residents just aren't working in Manhattan anymore.

"There's more job growth in Brooklyn and Queens than in Manhattan now," she said. "It's more difficult to travel within Brooklyn and Queens than go straight to Manhattan."

Other interesting details include the relative prevalence of car-free commuters: East Harlem has the most (90.4% of the population), while Staten Island's South Shore boasts the least (26.4%).

Pity the poor Tottenville man who doesn't own an automobile, for his is an accursed existence.
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