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Behold, the 10 Most Expensive Apartments for Rent in NYC

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One of the great things about our annual Renters Week, which kicked off this morning, is that many of the posts can provide renters new and old with a helpful perspective and useful information about how people find apartments in New York City. This is not one of those posts. This is the post where we round up the 10 most expensive rentals in the city, each more absurd and overpriced than the last, and gawk at them.

↑ In 101 Warren Street in Tribeca, the seven-bed, seven-bath apartment of taxi king Symon Garber spans half of the 32nd and 33rd floors and can be rented for $90,000/month. It includes a dining room big enough for a 20-person table and was asking only $35,000/month as recently as 2010.

↑ The obscenely lavish, glass-floored penthouse in 165 Perry Street in Soho can be purchased for $40 million, or rented for $95,000/month. Its 11,000 overall square feet of interior and exterior space were good enough for Robert De Niro, who apparently lived there for two years after his Upper West Side apartment caught fire in 2012.

↑ And now we head uptown for the first, and certainly not the last, time. On the Upper East Side, this 80th Street townhouse is currently being renovated, but once it's finished it can be rented for $95,000/month (recently chopped down from $103,000/month). It has six stories and a roof garden, totaling over 8,000 square feet of space.

↑ The most expensive downtown listing is this summer rental in 85 Leonard Street in Tribeca, which is asking $100,000/month, double what it asked last year. The 7,000-square-foot home takes up four floors, and includes 16-foot ceilings, motorized skylights, a private garden, and more.

↑ If 14,000-square-foot townhouses with eight bedrooms and seven bathrooms are your thing, there's one of those available on the Upper East Side for $125,000/month. The house has also been listed for sale for $48 million, unsuccessfully.

↑ A penthouse at the top of Trump Park Avenue on the Upper East Side was listed last May for $150,000/month, and a month later had the price reduced to $125,000/month. The highlights of the penthouse, which has asked $45 million in the past, are the private roof terrace and the great room with 22 arched windows.

↑ Still on the Upper East Side, this Waldorf Astoria penthouse has been on the rental market since 2012 asking $135,000/month, though it was rented before that. The entry is a "unique rotunda with original trompe l'oeil, crystal chandelier and French doors," but the real selling point is all the hotel amenities.

↑ The infamous 22-room triplex in the Upper East Side's Berwind Mansion vacillates between being listed for $80,000/month and $150,000/month, and now appears to be in one of the latter phases. The apartment almost sold for $75 million at point before its owner got cold feet and backed out, thinking that she could get more.

↑ And now, the big guns. The Presidential Suite in The Surrey hotel on the Upper East Side can be rented for $450,000/month. It's only 2,127 square feet, but it does have "an Apple Macbook, fireplace, [and] antique desk," so, yeah, definitely sounds worth it.

↑ And the most expensive rental in New York City is, of course, on the Upper East Side. It is the entire 39th floor of the Pierre Hotel, which goes for $500,000/month. It comes with butler service, "pet pampering," twice daily maid service, and a chauffeur-driven Jaguar. Even more incredibly, it has actually been rented before.

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165 Perry Street

165 Perry Street, New York, NY 10014

101 Warren Street

101 Warren St, New York, NY 10013

502 Park Ave.

502 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10022

828 Fifth Avenue

828 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY