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Curbed's 2015 Renters Week Starts Right This Very Second

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It's time for a week-long romp through all things related to renting in New York City. Curbed's fourth Renters Week starts right this very second, so for the next five days, we'll be focusing on the topics most pressing to renters. We'll answer all your questions about renters insurance (yes, you do need it), moving companies, and where to find the best deals. We'll also take you inside the best new buildings and the most expensive rental apartment in the city. Real-life tenants will share their roommate woes and horror stories, with the worst of the worst facing off for a chance to win a staycation at a boutique hotel.

And of course, the week can only get better with your contributions. The horror stories contest is still open for submissions, so if you have a terrible tale to share, send it to the tipline. If you spot a hilarious Craigslist ad or want to tell us about life in a rent-controlled apartment, send that to the tipline, too. Contributions from landlords are welcome, too. This will be fun.
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