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Starchitect Tadao Ando Aims for 'Sensitivity' With Nolita Condos

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Developers Sumaida + Khurana are so stoked that Pritzker Prize-winning Tadao Ando is designing their sleek, minimalist Nolita condos that they traveled all the way to Japan to shoot a video in his studio. Ando The Starchitect speaks about his design as he's surrounded by concrete, metal, and glass—much like 152 Elizabeth, his first standalone project in New York City, will be. Totally in sync with his working environs and native culture, Ando's words about his vision for the corner of Elizabeth and Delancey are equally calm and reassuring, calling it "a sanctuary" that produces "a very tranquil feeling." Then there are variations on that theme: "I want to make something which no one else could, a very quiet piece of architecture ... I would like to make architecture that has that subtle sensitivity. I would like to create something that only a Japanese person could do."

Have a gander at some sweet, sweet digital renderings of 152 Elizabeth. Do they live up to Ando's grand plan? He also said, "I want to make something that touches human hearts, and leaves a feeling inside our hearts." Let's hope that buyers shelling out anywhere from $5 million to $35 million for one of these apartments are as in touch with their emotions as Ando is.

“Tadao Ando: Ichigoni 152” by Pundersons Gardens - NOWNESS from NOWNESS on Vimeo.

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152 Elizabeth Street

152 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10012