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Mumford & Sons' Banjo Player Buys a $3.2M Nolita Loft

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If the banjo player for Mumford & Sons spent his whole pre-pubescent life in London dreaming of being a famous musician with a loft in New York City, he might have envisioned that scene playing out in a space exactly like the one he just picked up in Nolita for $3.2 million (h/t 6sqft). Of course in Winston Marshall's youthful visions, the loft probably didn't cost quite so much, but having now checked more than two boxes off the Adolescent Boy Quintessential Fantasy Roster (famous musician, unrealistic New York City apartment, universally-desired love interest), that's probably no biggie. Marshall's new 2,000-square-foot co-op at 237 Lafayette Street has three bedrooms, a few weird/angular walls, and, as per the brokerbabble, an "extremely liberal sublet policy." Guess the actuality of being a touring musician is different than the dream, huh?

· Winston Marshall, Banjoist for Mumford & Sons, Buys $3.2M Nolita Pad [6sqft]
· Listing: 237 Lafayette Street #7W [StreetEasy]