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Tracking the Rise of the Huge Greenwich Lane Condo Complex

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[Left, a current construction photo; right, a rendering of the completed Greenwich Lane. It's well on its way.]

Construction at the block-consuming Greenwich Lane has been underway since 2012, with completion slated for 2016. The luxury condo complex, which will consist of five buildings and five newly built townhouses surrounding a courtyard, takes up most of the block between 11th and 12th streets and Sixth and Seventh avenues. While some of the project involves repurposing parts of the old St. Vincent's Hospital that it is replacing, the 17-story tower at 155 West 11th Street, at the corner of Seventh, is entirely new construction. The tallest of the lot, it has risen well above the other buildings in the complex, all mid-rises, and the rest of the neighborhood. Yesterday, building reps invited Curbed to walk through the courtyard of the FXFOWLE-designed development, before taking a lift up to the 13th floor of the building-in-progress.

To help orient everybody, a site plan:

The tour started at the supermarket-sized sales gallery, where FXFOWLE's Dan Kaplan gave a run-down of the complicated project. (Interior designer Thomas O'Brien created a different look for each building, ranging from classic to contemporary—though all the buildings arguably have a modern feel to them.) Kaplan said the architects approached each building differently, basing their construction and renovation plans off of the desired aesthetic specific to the building. For instance, the townhouses and tower are completely new, but 150 West 12th Street was largely preserved from the old hospital, save for some restoration issues and an additional two feet tacked onto the facade.

We then made our way to 140 West 12th Street, a "softly modern building with a particularly intriguing vintage character," according to the development's website. You can't really see it here, but some of the original brickwork on the windows has been preserved, while a new layer was also added. Here it is from the front...

... and from the back, viewed from the courtyard.

Donning hard hats, we made our way into the courtyard, which is literally coming to life, as trees have recently been planted toward the inner area of the courtyard, adjacent to the tower and surrounding a circular pool. The courtyard will serve as the main communal outdoor area for the development, as all other spaces are private, including rooftop gardens and walled-off backyards for the townhomes (visible deep in the photo, on the right).

Up to the 13th floor we go!

The views from this apartment—which we're told will be priced at around $17 million dollars, and that seems about right—boasts phenomenal views of the surrounding neighborhoods. (Other condos on the market range from $3.45 million for a 1BR/1.5BA to $26.5 million for either a five-bedroom townhome or a three-bedroom penthouse.) No windows have been placed for this condo yet, but they will be of the floor-to-ceiling panel variety, which can be cracked open just slightly for some air. This side of the building slants in such a way so that it follows the avenue and offers a better view of it.

Below, find photos of the other buildings, developed by the Rudin family as well as Eyal Ofer and Global Holdings, and the work that's being done on them:

—Wesley Yiin
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