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Big Reveal: $1.45M for Cobble Hill Co-op with Huge Backyard

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Many of this week's Pricespotter commenters are going to quite upset with the actual pricing of the apartment, a garden-level co-op (with garden) in Cobble Hill, which is $1.45 million. That means that the winner is Manhattan 4 Ever, who guessed "$1,449,999 (!)" undercutting NYCsince83's original guess of $1.5 million by one measly dollar. "Schlubby sofa aside, I really like this place," the latter commenter wrote, "especially that amazing back yard. Sure, the apartment is probably dark being on the ground floor. But that outdoor space!" To be fair, it is a really great yard, even if the $1,421 per interior square foot is a tad ambitious.

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