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Cobble Hill Residents Think LICH Proposal Is a 'Scare' Tactic

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More than a few Cobble Hill residents aren't thrilled with Fortis Property Group's proposal to bring four towers, including one standing 44 stories, to the former site of Long Island College Hospital. Despite Fortis's ability to build that proposal out as-of-right, a slew of residents met on Tuesday night to discuss how they'll continue to protest that plan. The meeting, organized by the Cobble Hill Association and reported by Brooklyn Eagle, focused on Fortis's as-of-right proposal and how, should Fortis want to proceed with their "preferred" plan, a ULURP review of the site might play out.
CHA president Roy Sloane referred to Fortis's on-the-table proposal as a means to "scare" the community into supporting the ULURP procedure that would be necessary to accommodate Fortis's "preferred" development plan for the site. However, Fortis would not need the community's support to proceed with a land review process. The as-of-right proposal, the Brooklyn Eagle suggests, with its 30- and 40-story towers and 820 apartments is a worst-case scenario for the squat Brooklyn neighborhood.

Details of Fortis's "preferred" plan are slim, but includes bringing a school to the busy corner of Hicks and Atlantic streets and extending a park to the east side of Henry Street. A lawyer in attendance of the meeting noted that Fortis has yet to close on the site and said that it's a "very long, complicated closing." The site, for the moment, is stagnant.

See LICH's proposed as-of-right plan here.
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