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UWS Citi Bike Stations Not So Uncontroversial After All

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Last month, locations for 39 new Citi Bike stations were revealed for the Upper West Side by the Department of Transportation at a community board meeting that was surprisingly free of rancor. At the time, we marveled over the seemingly astonishing mellowness—excitement, even—of the Upper West Siders, but as it turns out we may have marveled too soon. The Post reports that at a more recent meeting, locals had reclaimed the types of positions that one expects from uptown residents who attend community board meetings. "The idea of bikes trying to enter into the traffic pattern in addition to everything else going on there is, frankly, just inconceivable," said one resident of West 81st Street. "Personally, I think it's a headache for the city, and an unnecessary one, if you ask me," said a 72nd Street resident. (It is unclear, for the article, whether or not anyone had in fact asked him.) "There are mothers with strollers, and there are young children walking around," said another person, who lives on West 78th Street. Ah, that's more like it.

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