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Will Extell's Contested Lower East Side Tower Rise 80 Stories?

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Extell's plans for a soaring tower next to the Manhattan Bridge at 250 South Street were met with fierce opposition almost immediately when the plans were revealed last year. The tower's height was a big concern. It started out at 68 stories, then Department of Buildings filings showed 71 stories, then it seemed that it was chopped to 56 stories. But now Bowery Boogie shared recently filed zoning documents that show it will rise a whopping 80 stories and 831 feet. The documents are dated May 29, 2015, and they also confirm that the tower will be condos.

The zoning documents break the project down by floor, indicating that there will be 78 floors of residences, with an additional penthouse level and two levels of mechanicals. But filings with the Department of Buildings do not match up with these documents. The most recently approved plans still show a 56-story building, but the filing to convert the property into condos indicates a 68-story tower. The zoning documents also show that the shorter affordable rental building will be 15 stories, not 13, thought DOB filings still show 13 stories.

We're going to keep digging to try to get some answers, but one thing is clear: this is still going to be a huge building, bringing at least 646 condos to the area.

Extell Condo Zoning Documents by BoweryBoogie

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