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On a Secret Historic Courtyard, a Tiny Redone House for $4M

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Barrow Street in the West Village is plenty adorable as it is. But when you sidle into Pamela Court, a little-known back courtyard tucked behind a handful of its lovely townhouse facades, it opens up a whole other realm of cuteness. Built before the Civil War, 58 Barrow Street is a landmark that got a complete and total renovation. The floorplan is tiny and the staging furniture is sort of white and bland, but nonetheless, it's an intriguing little house—and who would ever deny the cache that comes with a doorway that opens onto a secret courtyard? The very secret courtyard, in fact, that Village legend Chumley's, a historic bar where literary greats imbibed, once had a back entrance. (Chumley's is currently getting its own makeover, so it's unclear if that door will still exist when it's done.) 58 Barrow's owners and renovators (whose identity is shielded behind an LLC called Speakeasy 86, which actually recalls Chumley's street address at 86 Bedford) think the four-bedroom house is worth $4.25 million. Do you?

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