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This 36-Story Apartment Tower Is Coming to Koreatown

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Nearly 200 apartments are set for a new tower on 38 West 33rd Street in Koreatown, and New York YIMBY shared the first rendering of the planned building, which hilariously ignores its neighbors. Designed by the Stephen B. Jacobs Group, the tower is super plain-looking, which might be why they opted to omit the buildings next door—Google Streetview shows that they have lovely masonry facades with historic details. At 36 stories and 405 feet, the new building will be taller than its neighbors, but by no means will it be out of place. Directly across the street, there is a 34-story apartment building and the Empire State Building is just half a block away.

The property currently holds a parking garage, but the new building will replaced it. There will also be a 5,872-square-foot retail space, and apartments will start on the fourth floor. There will be amenity space on the top two floors, but DOB permits don't specify what it will be.
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