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Critics Sue to Stop Floating Park Planned for the Hudson River

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[Images by Luxigon.]
[Images by Luxigon.]

Sure billionaire Barry Diller's $113 million plan to build a futuristic, Avatar-like floating park in the Hudson River has faced some criticism since it was announced in November. Among other things, Pier55 has been accused as 1) a place designed for rich rather than ordinary people; 2) potentially noisy; 3) a project whose creation was not transparent to the public; 4) a mere "gadget" or architectural stunt, the aspiring winner of "an online popularity contest." Now some of Pier55's opponents have banded together and sued Diller along with Hudson River Park's governing body to bar the project from going any further. They say they are concerned about its environmental impact, which they claim has not been subject to through study.

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