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Squibb Park Bridge Closed for At Least Another Month

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Squibb Park Bridge—the pedestrian bridge connecting the Brooklyn Heights promenade to Brooklyn Bridge Park that was actually designed to bounce for some ridiculous reason—has been closed since last August, ever since it developed disconcerting tilts and sags in sections. Now, as summer rapidly approaches, the bridge is still closed, despite claims that it would reopen by "late spring."

Last week, Gothamist reached out to the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation and were told that the two-year-old bridge will likely be closed until at least mid-July, as the bridge must be carefully inspected and approved by the engineer of record. The "misalignment" issue is still being investigated, and according to the BBPC, repairs have involved "re-tensioning the bridge into the correct alignment and installing cross-bracing and steel components to maintain that alignment, and epoxy repair of certain connections."

The bridge was open for a little over a year before it was put out of commission, and the repairs on the $5 million bridge are estimated to cost around $700,000.
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Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 6

Pier 6, Brooklyn, NY 11201