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Graffiti Artists Sue Wolkoff Over Whitewashing of 5Pointz

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5Pointz will long be remembered as one of New York's most beloved cultural landmarks to be lost to redevelopment (especially in light of the disaster that's replacing it), and although it may be gone for good, the people who made the site what it was still aren't letting go.

On Friday, a group of nine artists filed suit against owner Jerry Wolkoff for whitewashing and demolishing 5Pointz, claiming that they were not given time to retrieve their work and that they are owed "substantial cash damages," The Daily News reports.

In 2013, when the founders of 5Pointz first sued in order to stop Wolkoff from demolishing the site, Brooklyn judge Fredric Block noted that artists could be justly compensated if their works achieved "recognized stature," and that certain 5Pointz works qualified under the Visual Artists Rights Acts.

Because the artists were never notified of the demolition, they were unable to salvage their works, many of which, the suit says, could have gone to museums.

"Our clients seek justice for the unlawful destruction of their artwork. This case will demonstrate that these cherished works of art must be protected to the fullest extent of the law," said the plaintiffs' attorney Eric Baum of Eisenberg & Baum. "This case is not only brought on behalf of plaintiffs, but it sends a message to everyone that the unlawful destruction of artwork will not be tolerated. If anyone violates federal law under the Visual Rights Act, they must be held accountable."
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