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Explore the (Not So) Creepy Lighthouse of Execution Rocks

The little-known Execution Rocks, located in the Long Island Sound between New Rochelle and the North Shore, is one of many tiny obscure New York islands with an intriguing past. Untapped Cities recently boated over for a tour, and it turns out that the place isn't nearly as creepy as one would expect from an island called Execution Rocks, which is rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of Revolutionary War soldiers. That's largely thanks to the Philadelphia couple who formed a nonprofit in 2007 to maintain and restore the island, and have done a pretty great job. (The Revolutionary War stories, also, are likely apocryphal, as the island's name actually comes from the fact that a bunch of ships crashed into it.) Untapped has a lot more pictures on its site, if you're curious.

· Exploration at Execution Rocks Lighthouse in Long Island Sound [Photos] [Untapped]