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Shvo's Huge Downtown Tower Still Going to Be a Rectangle

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NY YIMBY got its hands on a new rendering of Michael Shvo's 125 Greenwich Street, set to be the tallest residential tower south of 57th Street upon its completion (and probably set to be usurped by multiple other new towers shortly after that), as well as a black and white version of the same rendering, in case you were wondering what that would look like. The tower, as indicated in the massing study, is going to be a big old rectangle. Although there does appear to be some sort of variation near the top, it's difficult to tell exactly what that is. The planned height was originally reported as 1,356 feet, though later New Building permits were filed that indicated it would be "only" 841. In actuality, it will probably be somewhere between those two figures, likely topping 1,000 feet.

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