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Is Extell's Huge Lower East Side Tower Making the Street Sink?

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The neighbors already hated the massive tower that Extell is planning on the Lower East Side, and now they have new ammunition against the proposed 80-story tower. According to Bowery Boogie, there now exists "a gradual dip of Cherry Street behind the Extell project site – some two to three inches by our measurement," which could be a result of the going excavation work at the site. A local commented that, "We are worried about the sinking of this street and how this might affect the entire area especially considering the plaza sidewalk damage." Gothamist was able to get in touch with an Extell rep, who said simply, "no basis and no comment."

UPDATE: Statement from an Extell spokesperson:

As is typical with the excavation phase of any construction project, adjacent movement may occur. Our construction manager, Lend Lease, has controls in place to monitor such conditions and interim repairs are performed as necessary. Lend Lease and their subcontractors have performed the repairs and have been monitoring such effects and will continue to ensure that they are within the bounds of safety and acceptable standards.

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