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Awesome 'Nerdy Poster' Combines All 468 Subway Stop Signs

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From one half of the graphic design duo that reprinted Massimo Vignelli's Graphics Standard Manual in 2012 comes another Vignelli-inspired project. Hamish Smyth and Alex Daly have launched a Kickstarter to raise $29,800 to create and print a poster featuring all 468 signs of the New York City subway. Like Smyth's 2012 Kickstarter campaign, which raised an eye-popping $800,000, this campaign's also turning out to be a smashing success: with 35 days left, the campaign's already exceeded its goal. (It, in fact, surpassed $29,800 in donations while this post was in the works.) So, really, if you want a "nerdy poster about the NYC subway" (Smyth's words), look no further 'cause this thing's getting printed.

UPDATE: The Kickstarter is over and funded! Buy the print here!

The poster will come in two sizes: a smaller 24-inch by 33.25-inch press and a limited edition of 468 hand-numbered posters that will be slightly larger at 28 inches by 38.2 inches. Wanna watch the Kickstarter video? Click here.
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