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Nordstrom Tower Will Be America's Tallest—Kind Of

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New filings spotted by New York YIMBY confirm that Extell's Nordstrom Tower won't only be the tallest building by roof height in New York City, but also the tallest building by roof height in the country. Excluding the spire, the building will reach 1,522 feet, or 95 floors, which bests 432 Park Avenue's 1,396 and the current record holder, Chicago's Willis Tower, which stands 1,451 feet tall. By comparison, One World Trade Center stands 1,368 feet without its spire.

The new filings don't indicate how tall the building's spire will be, but if Gary Barnett's earlier pledge that the Nordstrom Tower won't eclipse One World Trade Center in heigh is to remain true, then that means the spire will be less than 254 feet tall. While YIMBY notes that "[t]he permitting process surrounding high-profile projects is becoming increasingly convoluted, with 'dummy filings' now commonly submitted prior to actual new building applications," these filings are in the neighborhood of one's seen previously and seem to reflect the building's actual height. Even if the number is tweaked again, at least one thing's certain: the building's going to be really freaking tall.
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217 W 57th St

217 West 57th Street, Manhattan, NY 10019