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Upper West Side Co-op Wants to DNA Test Residents' Dogs

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An Upper West Side co-op board, in true Upper West Side co-op board fashion, has informed residents that it is going to start requiring dogs of unknown breed to take a DNA test, DNAinfo reports (really living up to their name), so that they may be kicked out of the building if they are discovered to be made up of more than 50 percent of something undesirable. The building's entire list of 27 banned breeds is not available, but apparently ranges "from large dogs like St. Bernards and German shepherds to medium-sized pooches like pit bulls and basset hounds to toy breeds like a shih tzu." Dogs can only get out of the testing if their owner is able to provide a letter from a veterinarian confirming what breed the dog is.

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Unsurprisingly, owners are not happy about the new policy, though many were afraid to talk for fear of the co-op boards mighty wrath. "It's like dog racism essentially," said one, anonymously. A co-op board expert that DNAinfo consulted predicted trouble down the road. "Mark my words, there is going to be a lawsuit for dog discrimination," she said.
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