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See How Brooklyn Became Overrun by Towers in Just 7 Years

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In case there was any doubt about how dramatically the Brooklyn skyline's changed since the mid-aughts, these ten before-and-after images of towers constructed over the past decade are here to clear that up. Compiled by RentCafé, a sister site to Point2Homes which brought us a whole other group of stunning before-and-afters, the images primarily focus on the transformation of Downtown Brooklyn, an area still in major flux, as well as Williamsburg, which, well, forget it.

It's hard to believe that just eight years ago the Williamsburg waterfront area that would give rise to some of the most consistently complained about buildings—The Edge I and II, Two Northside Piers, and 1 North 4th Place—was mostly a big patch of dirt.

Need proof that development happens at hyper-speed in New York City? Here's another view of the Williamsburg waterfront, looking towards 1 and 2 Northside Piers and The Edge I.

It looks like this Downtown Brooklyn building grew a long and lean glass tumor that goes by the name of 388 Bridge Street.

Although he can't seem to sink the mayorship, John Catsimatidis has one thing (other than grocery stores) going for him. He's also a developer, and is responsible for this 15-story building on Myrtle Avenue at Fleet Place in Fort Greene, called The Giovanni.

Downtown Brooklyn's been experiencing a building boom and has, since 2009, been graced with giant apartment buildings like BKLYN Air (nee Oro 2) and Avalon Fort Greene.

Two hotels, a Sheraton and an Aloft, have sprung up on Duffield Street between Metrotech and Fulton in Downtown Brooklyn since 2007.

Since 2007, a 25-story building's grown on Downtown Brooklyn's Livingston Street.

Two new developments, Avalon Fort Greene and Toren, have brought 871 apartments to Myrtle Avenue in Downtown Brooklyn since 2007.

66 Rockwell in Downtown Brooklyn shot up 42 stories since 2007.

A 17-story rental building's sprung up at 163 Washington Avenue in Clinton Hill.

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The Edge

4149 18th Street, , CA 94114 Visit Website

388 Bridge Street

388 Bridge St, Brooklyn, NY 11201


150 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11201