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Upper West Side Co-op Board Defends DNA-Testing Dogs

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170 West End Avenue, the Upper West Side co-op building whose board recently announced a new policy of DNA testing residents' dogs to make sure that they weren't any of the 27 breeds deemed undesirable, has issued a statement on the matter to DNAinfo, writing:

The board's decision to add DNA testing to the existing pet policy was made with the well-being of all who reside in the building in mind, including registered pets. The testing policy may have been misconstrued by some shareholders as a mandate, which is not the case. We understand the significance of pets in people's lives, and will gladly work with residents to answer questions and address concerns they may have to assure them about the purpose and application of the policy. See, it's for the dogs own good that they would be DNA tested and possibly kicked out of their homes. In any case, it sounds like even though the board is doubling down on the testing being a good idea, its backing off slightly in terms of actually implementing the policy. We wonder how many residents will voluntarily decide to have their dogs tested.

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