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World's Worst Neighbor Demands $5,500 to Turn Down Music

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A lot of times when neighbors fight with each other, it's funny. Most of the times, actually. But sometimes, the fights are so one-sided, so unjust, and so enraging that there is little humor to be found. This is one of those times. Gothamist received a tip about a market-rate tenant, Tarik, who has been blasting music late into the night, and refusing to turn it off unless his rent-stabilized neighbor covers his $5,500 rent. The rent-stabilized tenant can't do anything because her landlord wants her out anyway, and the cops aren't helping. That's a concise summary of the situation, but you really don't get a picture of what a garbage person Tarik is until you read the text message conversation. It's so bad that we initially thought this might be made up. (Phrases like "Ciao bitch," in particular, stick out as who would actually say that?) But lo, Gothamist spoke to Tarik on the phone, and he is every bit as terrible as he seems. At least he moves out in a couple weeks.

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