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New Looks Inside Calatrava's $4B World Trade Center Oculus

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The entirety of the World Trade Center Oculus is less than a year away from completion, but over the last month, new pieces of architect Santiago Calatrava's "bird in flight" have opened, giving the public a fresh look at the gleaming transportation hub. The Daily News has photos from a construction tour this week that shows the latest updates and the recently opened Platform B. The platform's mezzanine level, shown above, is kind of amazing and shows off the station's soaring ribbed structure. This $4 billion structure may be wildly over budget and super delayed, but at least it's going to be pretty mind-blowing when it's finished.

The WTC Progress Facebook page shared photos this week of escalators being installed (↑)...

...and demolition of Platform C (↑ ↓), which will be completely rebuilt.

(↑) The Oculus's exterior rafters are painted (June 12, left), and a pane of glass for the skylight is installed (June 3, right). Via WTC Progress Facebook]

(↑) Glass is delivered and installed in late May. Via WTC Progress Facebook

(↑ ↓) The new Platform B, before it opened.

(↑ ↓) The new Platform B, before it opened.

(↑ ↓) The new Platform B, during its first days open.

Just the train station... #NoBigDeal

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(↑) A map of the open parts of the transit hub, via Tribeca Citizen.

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