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Meet the Unintentional Stars of Craigslist Apartment Photos

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Craigslist can be a good place to find a relatively cheap apartment, but it's the best place to look at the most hastily shot apartment listing photos anywhere on the internet. And the epitome of the hastily taken listing photo is the type where the photo-taker couldn't even wait for the current resident of the apartment to get out of the shot. Here now, a Renters Week semi-tradition: a roundup of Craigslist apartment photos with people in them.

From the same listing as the previous photo, this is a beautiful example of what can be accomplished in the genre. A man bending over free weights, trying to decide which ones to pick up, likely unaware even now that he is a part of an advertisement for a Bed-Stuy apartment.

The idea behind most listing photos is to allow people to imagine endless possibilities within the apartment. This one accomplishes the opposite, and allows you to imagine the stark, inevitable reality: you, on the couch, staring at your laptop.

This one really seems like it could have been avoided.

It's not clear who this man is or what he's doing, but on the plus side that does look like a nice closet.

This one makes some sense. If there was no time to wait for the current tenants to finish packing up their stuff and moving out, why wait for one of them to finish walking through the living room?

And, of course, a true classic of the genre: the unintentionally-taking-a-picture-of-oneself-in-the-mirror.

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