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Take a Ride on the Long-Delayed 7 Train Extension

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The MTA still has yet to say when the 7 train extension to Hudson Yards will actually open—it will be sometime in the third quarter of the year—but it is getting tantalizingly close. A new video released by the MTA (h/t DNAinfo) shows train operators and dispatchers training for the new route, and it takes viewers on a ride through the new tunnels, into the new station, and behind the scenes in the control rooms. Everything looks so new and shiny, and like it's ready for masses of straphangers. But it's not. However, workers' training is the final step in the pre-opening process, and the MTA says they "expect to announce an opening date in the next several weeks." It was supposed to open at the end of 2013, but who's keeping track?

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Hudson Yards

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