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Temporary Havemeyer Park Returns to Williamsburg

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[The previous Havemeyer Park, 2013]

In 2013, Two Trees Management gave permission to Williamsburg residents to plant a public garden adjacent to their Domino megaproject. The green space, Havemeyer Park, was fleeting, and Two Trees took back the site once construction began, but now it seems the developer is once again allowing residents to use an as-yet undeveloped lot, this time located across the street from the former site.

Brooklyn Paper reports that planting at the lot—located on Kent Avenue—is already underway, with Two Trees granting the urban agriculture initiative, North Brooklyn Farms, and the Williamsburg bike shop, Ride Brooklyn, use of the site for a full year. The new park will feature more gardening space than before and a new asphalt bike track, and despite the fact that Two Trees will inevitably reclaim the site, organizers say that temporary green space is better than none at all.

However, residents will still have to shoulder maintenance and other costs, which means the organizers are holding a fund-raising party on June 28.
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