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UWS Landlord Accused of Secretly Filming Tenants

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The unbelievably creepy Upper West Side landlord who was accused of secretly filming his live-in maid last year has been hit with additional charges, The Post reports.

Last year, Belarusian grad student Aksana Kuzmitskaya called the cops on landlord Eli Kadoch, when she spotted a camera lens in a clock in her bathroom. After taking it apart, she then found a USB drive containing dozens of images of her, as well as an image of Kadoch "installing the camera within the digital clock," according to the criminal complaint.

On Monday, Kadoch was charged with 67 counts of unlawful surveillance after authorities found videos of another woman on his hard drive, and prosecutors say the new charges will be consolidated. Additionally, the second woman, an au pair named Olga Kunina, has filed suit against Kadoch and his brother, Michel Kadoe.

"The videos included Ms. Kunina using the commode, shower, undressing in the restroom, and engaged in sexual activities for [her] own personal pleasure," the lawsuit states.
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