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See the Current State of Brooklyn's Pacific Park Megaproject

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The megaproject formerly known as Atlantic Yards first came into being more than a decade ago, and now, finally, the long-promised housing is under construction. Developers Greenland Forest City Partners currently have four buildings under construction on the 22-acre site now called Pacific Park, and plans were recently filed for a fifth. All of these buildings are along the project's southern edge on Dean Street, and we took a walk by he site this weekend to see where things stand. Save for the modular tower B2—which has been under construction for more than two years—not one building is out of the ground. Right now, there's just a lot of excavation and foundation work happening.

(↑) First, a map to get the lay of the land. All of the buildings under construction are being built on land, not the platform over the rail yards.

At the southeast corner of the site, work has started on 550 Vanderbilt Avenue (↑ ↓), the development's first condo building. COOKFOX designed the 17-story building, and it will have 278 condos with prices starting at $565,000 for a studio. Sales launched earlier this month.

The entire site is surrounded by a huge construction fence, but windows let passers-by peek at the activity.

There is not much happening in the middle of this block of Dean Street, bound by Vanderbilt and Carlton avenues, but plans were recently filed with the Department of Buildings for the next condo building, 615 Dean Street. It's labeled as B12 on the map above, directly beside 550 Vanderbilt. There's nothing happening at this site (↑ ↓) right now, but it will hold 244 apartments and be designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox.

These are the houses on the other side of Dean Street (↑), which will get to experience the joys of living next to a massive construction site for years.

At the west end of this block, on the corner at 535 Carlton Avenue (↑ ↓), is another COOKFOX-designed building. This one will have 298 apartments and be 100 percent affordable.

The construction fence (↑) takes up an entire lane of parking on Carlton Avenue and Dean Street.

There isn't anything happening on the block of Dean between Carlton and Sixth Avenues (though there will be one building here in the future), so the next action is on the same block as the Barclays Center. Work began on 38 Sixth Avenue last week (↑ ↓), and there is now a pile driver at the site. It doesn't look like any serious excavation has started. This will be a SHoP Architects-designed affordable building with 303 apartments.

And finally, we have B2 at 461 Dean Street (↑), which will one day be the tallest modular building in the world. It currently stands about 13 stories high, and it will top out at 32. It was supposed to be complete by the end of last year, but fighting between Forest City and Skanska seriously delayed it. The 363-unit building is back on track now and should be finished by next year.

And here are the full renderings:

461 Dean Street

461 Dean Street, Brooklyn, NY