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Midtown's Giant Nordstrom Tower Is Now 'Central Park Tower'

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It's been a weird week for Extell in the realm of building names. A few days ago, the major development company revealed that its Lower East Side luxury tower at 250 South Street will henceforth be known as the rather random "One Manhattan Square." Now, a spokesperson for the project confirms that 217 West 57th Street, unofficially known as Nordstrom Tower, will officially go by the far less random and rather underwhelming "Central Park Tower." This isn't the first time the name has made the rounds; TRD reported in May that "Central Park Tower" appeared on the building's filings, but Extell's move to not send out an official press release for the moniker has kept it on the down-low.
Unfortunately the confirmation doesn't come along with any additional information, new renderings, or branded material. It is just one small step for the very massive incoming tower.
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217 W 57th St

217 West 57th Street, Manhattan, NY 10019