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Park Slope Seniors Continue to Fight Horrible Landlord

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Brooklyn landlord Haysha Deitsch, owner of the assisted living facility Prospect Park Residence, remains to be one of the worst people in New York. Deitsch has been trying to evict seniors, many of whom are disabled, from the facility for more than a year so he can sell the building to a developer; he already tried to sell it once, but the $76.5 million deal fell through when the tenants would not leave. The seniors have been battling Deitsch in court over degraded living conditions and a lack of services, and the Brooklyn Eagle reports that things are not improving. With temperatures spiking, the tenants, who range from 88 to 99 years old, say that Deitsch is refusing to turn on the air conditioning. Yesterday, a judge ordered him to do so, but Deitsch's attorneys maintain that the temperatures are comfortable and that "there's nothing in the social services law, the public health law and the residency agreement that requires air conditioning in the building."

A lack of heat and hot water, bedbugs, peeling paint, and a decline in services have all been among the tenants' complaints, and now Deitsch has also tried to raise rents. Some tenants refused to pay the increase, and were then served eviction papers.

On top of all this, it seems that the ownership of the facility is in dispute. Deitsch's attorney says that the owner is actually an LLC that Deitsch created, but Deitsch himself is not the owner. Therefore, Deitsch should not have to pay the court-appointed retainer who is charged with running the facility. Both parties are due back in court next week.
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