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Rich Guy Tries to Build Personal Bowling Alley, Gets Sued

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Hedge fund manager Gregg Hymowitz purchased the townhouse at 20 East 64th Street from Irish businessman Derek Quinlan in 2011 for $23 million, and got to work renovating it. To date, his renovations have resulted in lawsuits from two neighbors, both of whom claim that their buildings have been damaged by the construction. One of the lawsuits claims that the townhouse next door, 22 East 64th Street, which was on the market for $42 million, had its foundation damaged by Hymowitz's attempt to build a below-ground bowling alley. Of course, The owners of that house are suing Hymowitz for $5 million, and were forced to pull the house off the market.

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20 East 64th Street

20 East 64th Street, New York, NY