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Plan for Housing at Brooklyn Bridge Park's Pier 6 Is Still Hated

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Now that the lawsuit thwarting development of affordable housing on Brooklyn Bridge Park's Pier 6 has been put to rest, Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation is taking steps forward to develop the two contentious residential towers. On Monday, BBPC held the first of many settlement-stipulated public meetings to discuss changes to their development plan. According to Brooklyn Eagle, BBPC is seeking approval to develop affordable housing in both towers, as well as approval to shift how many apartments are in either tower so long as they don't surpass 430 units total. BBPC has no plans to challenge the 315- and 155-foot height limits agreed on in the settlement.

Detractors of the plan continue to call for a new Environmental Impact Survey at the site, and claim that the area has undergone unprecedented change in its population since the last time is was surveyed a decade ago. [UPDATE: A tech memo released last fall by the Empire State Development Corp. found that there was no need for an EIS at the site.]

The plan to build affordable housing within the confines of the park has come under fire because critics maintain that it violates the park's original concept that only housing that would help fund its operations and upkeep would be built within its confines. Because below-market-rate apartments don't garner as much income, detractors say they're frivolous to the plan. "If the BBP can forgo millions of dollars in revenue by including affordable housing in the Pier 6 development, the scope of the development can and should be reduced," the head of lawsuit-bringer People for Green Space voiced at the meeting.
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Brooklyn Bridge Park - Pier 6

Pier 6, Brooklyn, NY 11201