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Developer Wants To Rename South Bronx the 'Piano District'

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There's a new plan for a South Bronx waterfront project that's being looked toward as an economic catalyst for the area. Originally conceived as a development with up to six 25-story waterfront towers, Keith Rubenstein's Somerset Partners and the Chetrit Group have fine-tuned their vision for the waterfront parcels at 2401 Third Avenue and 101 Lincoln Avenue to include just two 25-story towers with ground and second-floor retail space topped by 1,600 apartments, Architects + Artisans reports. The development site spans about 1.5 acres, and Rubenstein thinks the project will consume about 1.3 million square feet and cost between $300 and $400 million. Welcome2theBronx earlier speculated that Chetrit, the former partial owner of Chicago's Willis Tower, would pump some of its earnings from the sale into developing the massive project. Permits have yet to be filed for the sites.

In March, the director of special projects for the South Bronx Overall Economic Development Corp told the Journal that once the project gets underway, the area will likely become something akin to "Williamsburg meets Dumbo." Keith Rubenstein has taken kindly to outsiders and onlookers referring to the South Bronx as "The Next [Insert Brooklyn Neighborhood Here.]" Rubenstein has followed suit and renamed a section of the already-named neighborhood of Mott Haven "The Piano District." His reasoning, according to Architects + Artisans, revolves around the neighborhood's history as an epicenter for piano production in the early 1900s, "[V]irtually all the pianos made in America—with the exception of Steinways—were made here."
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