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Big Reveal: $999,999 for an Astoria Condo With Outdoor Space

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This week's Pricespotter property, a two-bedroom duplex penthouse in Astoria, is listed for $999,999 (that $1 makes all the difference!), and all of the guesses were pretty close, with one person nailing it, and a few people coming in less than $100,000 off. No one really had anything bad to say about the place, except for Captain Cranky Pants (just living up to his name) who called it a "very 80s apartment in every bad way," and thought his guess of $989,000 was "way low." The place measures 1,366 square feet and has a spacious rooftop terrace, a balcony, washer/dryer, and it comes with parking. Props to Archifan who astutely identified the location as 31st Avenue: "Judging by the view I'm going to say this might be on 31st ave near the river or at least near the river which is a very out of the way location in Astoria. It's probably a good 1 mile to the nearest subway so that would cut way back on the sale price in my opinion."

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