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Steven Cohen Hacks Another $3M Off Penthouse, Now $79M

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Steven Cohen, who should probably just go ahead and get the phrase "embattled billionaire" printed on his business cards, is having a lot of success avoiding going to jail for insider trading, but far less success selling his ridiculous One Beacon Court penthouse. You win some, you lose some. Cohen, just cut the price of the penthouse for a third time, the Daily News reports, now down to a meager $79 million. He had originally listed it for $115 million. He must feel pretty silly, having overestimated the value of his apartment by at least $36 million and also having to pay $1.2 billion to settle criminal charges that he engaged in securities fraud.

· Embattled billionaire Steven Cohen has relisted his Upper East Side penthouse for $79M [NYDN]
· Listing: 151 East 58th Street PH-51/52W [Corcoran, via Streeteasy]
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One Beacon Court

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