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Richard Meier on His Love of White and a Gentrifying New York

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Pritzker winner Richard Meier, who runs his firm from the same New York office he's called home for more than half a century, has a habit of looking back. "Clients keep the buildings," he says, "but I keep the models." In fact, a warehouse space in Jersey City, where a simulated city of brown building models showcases decades of his designs in miniature, has become a favorite retreat.

While the 80-year-old made a career out of designing stunning white structures, such as the Smith House and Getty Center, this cardboard-colored collection offers a look at his stylistic evolution; as Richard Meier & Partners expands its international footprint with projects across the globe, its seems fitting that others are looking back at Meier's body of work as well. The themes and concepts that have animated his career, as well as sketches and models of unbuilt projects, will soon be on display at a new exhibition called Picture, Tower, Building. Richard Meier and the Ulm Minster, opening July 8 in Ulm, Germany. We spoke with Meier about his future ambitions, his views of New York, and his favorite color.

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