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More Peeks Inside the Huge Condos at Tribeca's 56 Walker

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They measure 3,000 to 5,000 square feet

56 Walker Street has revealed a slew of renderings of its Carlyle Designs-designed interiors, and if you like veined marble, oh boy, is this the condo building for you. They've got veined marble kitchen islands, veined marble sinks, veined marble entire-shower-walls, veined wall fireplace wall-columns/whatever you call those things. If it can be made out of veined marble, 56 Walker will feature it prominently in one of its 3,000-5,000-square-foot three- and four-bedroom condos. The Six Sigma-developed building is scheduled for completion this year, and the only unit currently listed, a three-bedroom, is asking $6.675 million.

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56 Walker Street

56 Walker Street, New York, NY