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New Yorkers Reveal Horrid Roommates They'll Never Forget

We all have one: a shocking, cringe-worthy, or just plain weird tale of life with roommates you thought you knew, wish you'd known better beforehand, or wish you'd never known at all. Curbed sat down with three New York renters to hear their personal horror stories—and the results are as entertaining as you'd expect.

It's the last installment of Curbed's Renters Week video series, which has showed us ridiculous real-life notes from kooky neighbors as well as all the wacky people, places, and things you encounter as a renter living in close quarters. A few gems from the folks who shared accounts of their, um, interesting roommates? If your television gets stolen, maybe turn to the pot-smoking gent in the other bedroom as suspect No. 1. Be warned: if you live in a big loft with tons of other people, you may wind up finding pee in odd places. Also, and we quote, "Don't live with people who you meet via online role-playing games." Words of wisdom if there every were some.

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