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8 of Television's Most Iconic, Unbelievable Fictional Rentals

If you're quiet, you can almost hear the graduating class of 2015 clicking away on Craigslist, the sacrificial lambs of fraudulent links and dashed dreams. Most of them will, in fact, move to New York. And it will be terrible. A one-bedroom with a walk-in closet on a freelancer's budget? Sure, Carrie did it. A whitewashed Nolita aerie that's never more than a stone's throw away from a cup of organic coffee? Shoshanna had it, why shouldn't I? And, what about an insufferably shabby chic apartment with a wrought iron terrace? Well, Friends wasn't that unreasonable. But the fact of the matter is, it was. Even with your kindly Midwestern father footing the bill, you don't stand a chance. Television has ruined apartments for you. In honor of that storied tradition of despair, we've assembled the eight most flagrant of those lies—ranking them by how much they've ruined our lives.

Carrie Bradshaw paid a laughable $750/month >>