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Rent the 'Coolest Loft in Williamsburg' for $7,500/Month

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Everyone knows that Williamsburg is the coolest neighborhood in the coolest borough, and now the coolest loft in the coolest neighborhood has been found. "Welcome to the coolest loft in Williamsburg!!!!" screams the brokerbabble for this enormous duplex apartment at 330 Wythe Avenue. It has the coolest features—huge windows, lots of exposed brick, super tall ceilings, concrete floors—and it comes "partially furnished," so that cool taxidermy and cool yellow wingback chair and that cool rustic wood coffee table/bench might come with it. "You will not find a cooler loft on the market and the location is simply amazing." It's yours for $7,500/month.

· Listing: 330 Wythe Avenue, #4K [Corcoran via StreetEasy]